What is Art High Trends Nowadays?

As students are in hurry to attend classes and enjoy the learning of arts, some people take dressing as a form of arts. From our research, attending after school hour we discovered some consistent trends in campus.

SKINNY JEANS. You don’t have to come up with an idea, just slap on a skinny jeans and a cute top and off you go. A lot of high school students are wearing skinny jeans, you can not missed that kind of trend.

Girls in high school of arts tend to love dressing in two pieces, especially with skirts. It is an easy way to dress up your top and it looks more classy.

More and more girls in high school wear a lot of tights under their skirts so they can wear it during cold weather and still have that great style look to them. There are variety of tights, but the usual are tend to be in black color.

Everywhere we look, we would always find someone in boots. Nowadays, a lot of girls wear boots in high school because it’s comfortable and plus it gives it a bit of edge to the look.

These are some of the trends we see when we went out to look at students in LACHSA.

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As we looked, took pictures, and asked them questions from the survey we wondered if they had a dress code they had to follow as all school we know of usually have a dress code if uniform not enforced. So the question for us was are the LACHSA students following the school dress code? Is the school really strict on the dress code?


“Students are expected to come to school appropriately dressed. Inappropriate attire includes, but is not limited to, undergarments (including slips, bras, etc.) worn as outer garments; any type of clothing that is too revealing or does not cover the body including low-cut tops and pants; clothing with holes that expose private body parts; midriffs; backless tops or dresses; really short shorts, skirts, or dresses; pants that sag down and expose undergarments; any type of clothing or accessories that contain vulgar or profane insignias, advocate racial, ethnic or religious prejudice, or the use of tobacco, drugs, or alcohol; any type of jewelry or accessories that contain spikes or chains that could cause harm to another person (including wallet chains); sunglasses or hoods worn in class. Students failing to dress appropriately will be asked to change. Repeated violation of the dress code may result in the student being placed on probation.”

can be found: pg. 35.   http://www.lachsa.net/pdf/Handbook%202010-2011.pdf 


Most students did not follow the dress code especially the girls they do wear really short shorts, skirts, or dresses to school. So the school is not strict on their dress code because most teens we saw violated certain dress codes we believe they were not asked to change because at the end of the day they were dressed the same. The teen boys also but less likely to follow dress code we only saw a few guys with tight jeans that were sagging and showing their undergarments. The guys we saw did also carry spikes and chains on there wallets or belts so this lead us to the conclusion that LACHSA is not strict on their dress code 

Does My Peer Ones Influence How I Dress?

We asked many of our high school students on LACHSA campus and many say that their group of fellow friends do not influence their dress styles. Many say that it was from their own creation and that no one else influence them, not even media, people around them and celebrities. Only the true few ones would say they do get influences by these factors.

From the previous pictures, these two different groups of friends say to one and another that they don’t influence the other. You guys can be the judge of that. Do you agree with their statement? It can be true that maybe you are friends with the people that would accept you because of how you dress. Or it can be that from each other advices and help that we tend to dress a bit a like.


What influences and inspires LACHSA students to dress how they do? This is a question we wondered about. We wanted to have a better idea where they got their influences and inspiration from.
Some of the girls answered that what influenced and inspired then were magazines like teen vogue, vogue, Elle, allure and etc. different types of magazines influenced different type of girls. Some look at the styles of the favorite celebrity and some what is in style. By looking at these celebrities they get inspired to wear something similar but with their own twist on it. Magazines have always been known to influence and inspire teens in the way they dress and look.







they also said they got inspired and influenced by their family especially their mother. Their mother has the greatest influence and inspiration for some girls on how they dress because when a girl is young she loves dressing up in her mothers clothing and shoes. The LACHSA girls said some of their wardrobe was mostly from their mothers old clothes that she did not use no more. Mothers have and influences because girls look up to their mothers and want to be like then and always ask their opinion on clothes or maybe just sometimes.

Most LACHSA students answered that their friends did not really influence them how they dress. But we believe that at one point their friends do influences or inspire them a little bit in how they dress because they are with them more then with anybody else during the week.

One of the teen girls said colors were a big influence and inspiration for her. She loves putting different colors and making them work in an outfit without it looking tacky. Colors also influence her on how she is feeling. She wears brighter colors when joyful, happy and etc and duller colors when not so great.


When asked what influenced them the boys mostly said the weather. They just wear whatever keeps them warm in the cold or whatever keeps them cool during a hot day.


The teen boys said mostly that their friends did not influence them at all on how they dressed. But I think like I said for the girls that at some point they are at least a little influenced and inspired by what their friends wear.

Where Do “I Got No Job and Living With My Parents For Support” High School Students in LACHSA Shop at?

LACHSA stands for Los Angeles County High School for the Arts located in CSULA. These are high school students excelling their skills and techniques in arts and academic. Most of them relied on their parents support for their financial needs. So where would these young I-don’t-have-any-responsibility students shop at?

Picture from OUI Thrift Store

“One man’s trash is another man’s treasures.”

Many of these “treasures” can be found in thrift stores.Why do some students at LACHSA shop at thrift stores? Because it is affordable to them since most of them don’t have a job and are concentrating on school work, hopefully. Nowadays, trends you want to execute are found in a thrift store for a really good price. It can be the hunt for items that can be a one of a kind special treasures for the hunter. Shopping in thrift stores help students in their financial situation and give them a feel of being able to afford a look that looks amazingly good and give a statement about themselves with just a few dollars spent.

Picture from Trees Full of Money Consignment Store

Another way for high school students from LACHSA shop at are consignment stores. These consignment stores are second-hand stores that sells used goods. The price is really affordable for students with no job to purchase items in consignment stores.

And some students that receive no income at all from parents or have no job to support themselves, they usually get their apparels from other people that have worn it and are no need of it anymore. This type of way is called a handy down clothing. They don’t need to use any kind of cash value to obtain these apparels. So these are pass down trends from people they knew or from people that donate it to them.

We can say that it does not matter where the students from LACHSA shop at as long as it is cheap, affordable, and it is to their liking then it’s a win for their wardrobe selection.



Chris did not say much. What he did say is that his friends do not influence how he dress and that he doesn’t shop. He usually gets hand me downs. He defines his style as trendy poser.



Colors and how she is feeling that day inspire Sarah’s look. Her friends don’t really influence because she wears whatever she feeling that day. Sarah defines her style as sophisticated preppy. She shops mostly at thrift stores.



He’s inspiration for his look was the weather. Jacob says his friends do not really influence his look he just wears whatever keeps him warm during winter or whatever keeps him cool on hot days. He usually shops at thrift stores for his clothing. He defines his look with one word casual.



Sidney gets a lot of inspiration for her look from fashion magazines and celebrities. She says her friends do have an influence on her look, as do her peers. She defines her style in one word creative. She shops at mostly at consignment shops because it is affordable to her.



What inspires her look is simplicity. She said her friends influence her a little but not much because her friends have their own specific looks and some like wearing bright colors and she does not like wearing a lot of bright colors. She defines her style simple and basic colors. She says she doesn’t really shop she takes stuff from her mom’s closet but if she does shop she goes to the rose bowl flee market.